The balancing act. Redox poise and signalling

Computer files used as the basis of the following presentations

Here is my PowerPoint file as presented in Brisbane.
The balancing act, Brisbane (PowerPoint, 6.5 MB)

Here is my PowerPoint file as presented in The Drummond Lecture at Queen Mary. Well, as I intended it to be presented...
The balancing act, Queen Mary (PowerPoint, 4.6 MB)

Here is the fluorescence movie the PowerPoint files will ask for. (QuickTime, 3.6 MB)

Concerning the fluorescence movie, here is an explanatory page on imaging state transitions and related topics.
Imaging chlorophyll fluorescence

If you came here just for the references, here they are.
Links in the references will download pdf files. Warning some pdf files are quite large (a few megabytes).

Additional references for the Drummond lecture.

If you like, you can get some of our own references in pdf format from Publications of John F. Allen

Here is a page containing the Qo site movie the PowerPoint file (Drummond lecture) will ask for.
Light, time and micro-organisms. Tony Crofts's mechanism for bifurcated electron transfer at the Qo site of cytochrome b-c1 complexes

Here is a link to a page announcing a relevant meeting in London, June 26-28 2002.
Royal Society Discussion Meeting on chloroplasts and mitochondria.

Thank you for your interest.

John F. Allen

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