Light, time and micro-organisms

The pts scale

pts = -log10t(s)

where t(s) is time, measured in seconds.

There are four columns. The left-hand column is the pts scale itself, with t (s) values also given.

Throughout these pages, click on the left-hand column, the scale itself, to go to the introductory page for the chosen time domain. Alternatively, click on the right arrow at the foot of the page to move forward to the next time domain, or on the left arrow to move back to the previous one.

The second column places important processes along the pts scale at positions corresponding to their lifetimes, where these are known, or can be guessed with reasonable confidence. The third column is a similar arrangement of the events covered in this presentation.

Click on the second or third columns to explore the lifetime or process described there. With browsers that recognise Javascript, the window's status bar gives further information about the link that lies below the cursor.

The right-hand column "Data", is intended to provide points of reference. At positive values of pts, these are given as the distance travelled by light during the corresponding time interval.

Abstract of Light, time and micro-organisms...