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From Wolftooth's first performance, with founder-members Anna Tullberg (mezzo-soprano) and Anna-Stina Tressol (bass viol)


Wolftooth is based in Lund, in southern Sweden. The music it performs dates from a time when this Swedish province, Skåne, was part of the Danish kingdom of Christian IV. Christian was a patron of science and music, and an employer, from nearby Elsinor, of the astronomer Tycho Brahe and the lutenist, songwriter and composer John Dowland*. "Wolftooth" is an anglicisation of "Ulfstand", the name of an important family of the province at that time. The Danish nobleman Hack Holgersen Ulfstand was responsible for the construction of the beautiful and contemporary church of Genarp, completed in 1593. Here Wolftooth presented its second programme.


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*The first edition of Dowland's revolutionary First Book of Songs was published, in London, just over four hundred years ago. The title page reads as follows.

The First Booke of Songes or Ayres of fowre partes with Tableture for the Lute: So made that all the partes together, or either of them severally may be a song to the Lute, Orpherian or Viol de gambo. Composed by John Dowland, Lutenist and Batchelor of musicke in both the Vniuersities. Also an inuention by the sayd Author for two to playe vpon one Lute. Printed by Peter Short, dwelling on Bredstreet hill at the sign of the Starre, 1597

John Dowland

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