Plant Cell Biology

Former members of Plant Cell Biology

Krassimir Alexciev, PhD (Sofia)
Assistant Professor 1993-1999
Felicia Berggren, MSc (Umeå)
Research Student
Lüling Cheng, MSc (Zhongshan), PhD (Lund)
Research Student 1992-96
Anna Collén, BSc (Lund)
Research Student 1995-97
Paul Davies, PhD (Leeds)
Postdoctoral Fellow (CEC Science Plan) 1994-96
Paul Davison, PhD (Manchester)
Postdoctoral Fellow (CEC Science Plan) 1995-97
Hans Dilly, PhD (Mainz)
DFG Guest Researcher 1998
Martha Escobar, MSc (Lund), PhD (Lund)
Research Student 1995-2001
Christer Fahlström
Laboratory superintendant 1992-95
Jens Forsberg, BSc (Lund), PhD (Lund)
Research Student 1996-2002
Laure Fraysse, MSc (Toulouse)
Research Student
Gunilla Håkansson, AgD (SLU Uppsala)
Assistant Professor
Carin Jarl-Sunesson, PhD (Lund)
Assistant Professor (SJFR)
Ineke de Jong, B Tech (Groningen)
Laboratory engineer 1994-98
Carina Knorpp, PhD (Stockholm)
Postdoctoral Fellow (Swedish Strategic Research Foundation) 1997-99
Anders Kylin, PhD (Lund)
Professor Emeritus
Anders Nilsson, PhD (Umeå)
Guest Researcher 1997-99
Thomas Pfannschmidt, PhD (Bochum)
Postdoctoral Fellow (DFG) 1996
Louise Race, PhD (London)
Postdoctoral Fellow (NFR) 1997-98
Todd Silverstein, PhD (California, Berkeley)
Sabbatical Guest Researcher during 1993 and 1997
Annalisa Svensson, BSc (Lund)
Secretary 1994-99
Dalibor Stys, PhD (Prague)
Postdoctoral Fellow (NFR) 1992-95
Anna Tullberg, BSc (Fribourg), PhD (Lund)
Research Student 1993-98

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