Rudi Lemberg Fellowship 2008-09

John F. Allen

15 February to 15 March 2009

The Rudi Lemberg Travelling Fellowship commemorates the contributions of Professor M.R. Lemberg, FAA, FRS to science in Australia.

The purpose of the Fellowship is to enable either Australian or overseas scientists of standing to visit Australian scientific centres and to deliver lectures.

Lectures offered

  1. CSK, the redox messenger | Abstract...
  2. Redox signalling and photosynthetic control of chloroplast gene expression | Abstract...
  3. Towards a structural description of the mechanism of state transitions in photosynthesis | Abstract...
  4. The redox switch hypothesis for the first cyanobacterium: the origin of two light reactions in photosynthesis | Abstract...
  5. Thinking outside the green box | Abstract...
  6. Bioinformatics and discovery: induction beckons again | Abstract...
  7. Genes in organelles. Mitochondria, ageing, and sex - energy versus fidelity | Abstract...
  8. Photosynthesis explains cytoplasmic inheritance. CoRR! | Abstract...
  9. Other lectures can be prepared on request. Please contact...


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